What a pain in the butt

Sciatica pain can be very painful and stop you from doing your normal day to day activities

Sciatica is caused by the compression of the nerve by either a slipped or herniated disc. The nerve runs from the lower back through a muscle called “Piriformis” in your buttocks and down the leg

A condition called Pseudo Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve is compressed at the muscle ‘Piriformis” which is a muscle that rotates your hip and located in your buttocks. Major factors that can lead to this muscle impinging on the nerve can include periods of prolonged immobility such as seating in a car, watching a movie, working at a desk, or sitting on a wallet

Another muscle which may be involved in pain that can mimic sciatica pain is the Gluteus Minimus. This is the smallest and deepest of the three gluteal muscles

When active trigger points are present in the anterior fibres of gluteus minimus, patients will have pain and difficulty getting up out of a chair or standing up straight, following periods of hip flexion, as when seating in a car, watching TV, working at a computer

Treatment options

It is important to figure out where the pain is coming from, and from there proper treatment of the correct muscle and nerve can help in the treatment of the discomfort. Trigger point therapy and Dry needling can be effective treatments in overcoming the pain if it is coming from either the Piriformis or Gluteus Minimus. If it is true sciatica then nerve mobilisation and nerve stretching can help with bringing the nerve back to health

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